Which One to Choose Fitbit Flex Or Jawbone UP24?

In this era of wearable devices, activity trackers by leading fitness brands have seen some serious upgrades to match user requirements. Two of the bestselling brands, ‘Fitbit’ and ‘Jawbone’, have come up with their latest upgraded versions of wearable activity tracking devices; namely, ‘Fitbit Flex’ and ‘Jawbone UP24’. These devices, highly trending on the sales chart, are going to leave you amazed by their performance.

For all the dazed prospective buyers out there, you need to know a lot before you hand over your fitness regime to be monitored by these devices. So Buzzle has compared the two devices on various criteria and presented their verdict.
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Buzzle’s Verdict

To decide which band better suits your needs, check out the categories mentioned above that are most important to you. Picking one between the two devices can be a bit of a mission, but one thing is for sure, both fitness devices will help you motivate you to move around and get fit.

In Depth Review

Fitbit Flex is sure to catch your eye with an ultra-sleek finish on its wide range of colorful bands. The elastomer bands, available in two sizes, have been given a smooth finish with steel clasps at the end, which might take some time to get adjusted to around your wrist. Once worn, you may take it anywhere and everywhere without the fear of losing it. The user-interface display has 5 LEDs. The preset activities and the percent of goal achieved is indicated by these. Each LED is an indication of 20% of the goal achieved. The user may double-tap the glass panel to see what percent of the set goal remains to be achieved.

Jawbone UP24 is an improvisation of Jawbone Up in many ways. The design remains almost the same, but the etched ‘v’s have been replaced by waves on the band. Jawbone claims the UP24 to be made of clinically approved hypoallergenic bands. The bands come in 6 appealing colors and 3 comfortable sizes. At one end of the band is a nickel-plated cap that powers on the tracking device. The other extended cap hides the USB pin for connecting the UP24 to other devices. The two ends overlap each other and is easy wear and take off.

Both, Fitbit Flex and Jawbone UP24, claim to track activities like steps taken, distance traveled, calories burnt, the hours and the quality of sleep. The truth? Users reviewed the performance of Flex as miscalculated on most instances. The device has been noted to count activities like eating or shaking hands as exercise.

On the other hand, Jawbone UP24 is more accurate in measurement of your activity and inactivity too. It’s Idle Alert buzzes lightly to remind you to get moving if you’ve been sitting idle for a long time. Although, this time can be set while logging the tracking device with your daily entries. Another feature that sets this device apart is Smart Coach. This feature provides the wearer with much-needed motivation in the form of reminders to increase activity or drink water while achieving his/her fitness goals.

Connectivity and Compatibility
Fitbit Flex is very flexible in terms of connectivity and compatibility. You’ll love the way it can connect to almost every device; be it your PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone using wireless sync. Be it iOS, Android, or Windows Xp/Vista/7/8.

The compatibility of Jawbone UP24 is restricted to iOS and Android operated devices. You may connect to your profile at the Fitbit site or the Up App at any time and anywhere using an internet connection or Wi-Fi.

Ease of Usage
You can easily carry your fitness motivator ‘Flex’ any and everywhere you want to. Waterproof up to 10 meters under water, workable at altitude as high as 30,000 ft and temperature as low as -4 degrees, it is the best companion to your fitness schedule. What’s sad is, its inability to track swimming as an activity. Lithium polymer batteries fuel the tracker up to 5 days once it has been fully charged.

Those nasty ends of the UP24 bands seem to lock into everything you lay your hands on. It is extremely easy to wrap the band around the wrist and still easier to lose it in your rigorous exercise schedule. Although it is dust and splash resistant, it is not recommended to submerge it underwater or any fluid for that matter. The operational conditions have not been specified by the manufacturer, although refraining from unnecessary bending is advised. With the latest firmware update, the batteries claim to last up to 14 days at a stretch.

Best Price and Warranty
A plethora of online stores offer some great deals on both products. Offers tend to change every week. The last known best price for Fitbit Flex was USD 92, and that for Jawbone UP24 was USD 102.99. Both manufacturers offer a one-year limited warranty on each purchase. The Fitbit has a return policy valid within 45-days from the date of purchase or delivery, while Jawbone offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Comparison Chart

Fitbit Flex Jawbone UP24

In The Box

  • Flex Tracker
  • Small and large wristbands
  • Wireless sync cable
  • Fitbit.com membership
  • UP24 Band
  • Startup Guide
  • USB charging cable


  • Black
  • Slate
  • Tangerine
  • Teal
  • Navy
  • Violet
  • Blue
  • Lime
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Red
  • Pink Coral
  • Persimmon
  • Onyx
  • Navy Blue
  • Lemon Lime

User Interface Display

  • 5 LED lights
  • 2 single-color LED lights


  • Small- 5.5″- 6.9″
  • Large- 6.3″- 8.2″
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large


  • Windows OS
  • iOS
  • Android 4.0 and later versions
  • iOS
  • Android

Sync support

  • Bluetooth low energy
  • Bluetooth 4.0 BTLE


  • Elastomer band
  • Steel clasp
  • Hypoallergenic TPU rubber bands
  • Nickel-plated TR-90 nyloncap

Battery Life

  • Up to 5 days
  • Up to 14 days


  • MEMS 3-axis accelerometer
  • Tri-axis accelerometer
  • Altimeter


  • Alarm for pre-specified events
  • Smart Alarm
  • Idle Alert

Operating conditions

  • Water resistant (up to 10m)
  • Dust, moisture, and splash resistant
  • Cannot be submerged under water

Release Date

  • May 2013
  • November 2013

Release Price

  • USD 99.95*
  • USD 149.99*

Manufacturer’s Warranty

  • 45-days return policy
  • One-year (limited)
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • One year(limited)

Apps supported

  • Endomondo
  • SparkPeople
  • MyFitnessPal
  • Lose It!
  • RunKeeper
  • MapMyFitness
  • CarePass
  • IFTT
  • Maxwell Health
  • Sleepio
  • Wello
  • Withings
  • Lose It!
  • Nest


  • Up to 7 days of detailed data
  • Daily total up to 30 consecutive days
  • Up to 9 months

Activities tracked

  • Calories Burnt
  • Distance
  • Steps
  • Sleep
  • Calories consumed and burnt
  • Sleep time
  • Steps

Official Site

  • Fitbit
  • Jawbone

Fitbit Flex

  • Comes with a wireless syncing dongle.
  • Enables the user to sync USB automatically
  • Compatible with a PC as well as mobile phone
  • Works under a specified range of temperature, -4° to 113° F
  • Maximum altitude for satisfactory performance is 30,000 feet

Jawbone UP24

  • Additional features like a barcode scanner and stopwatch
  • Can log in daily dietary details to chart nutrition
  • Can set your mood and tag the exercises you perform
  • Helps you realize hours of deep slumber compared to light-sleep hours
  • Non-compatibility with Windows OS and OS X, pose an issue with potential customers.