Tips to Fitness Gadgets

It is that time of the year when most of us jot down a huge list of to-dos and new year resolutions promising to rise up early in the morning and hitting the gym. We seem to have the conviction and determination of a Gladiator when we make these commitments to ourselves, and some actually go through with it. Though after a week of dragging ourselves to the gym, most of us seem to feel like the Greek god Atlas carrying the weight of the entire world on our shoulders. And then, there’s procrastinating, some more procrastinating about procrastinating, and then reassuring ourselves of seeing the task through before our next birthday, family get together, cousin’s wedding, or the next new year.

We’ve all been through this at some stage or the other, and for most of us, exercising surely seems to be one Herculean task. While all the references to the Greek gods might seem outdated and foreign, the solution to the problem at hand couldn’t be more ultra-modern and ‘up our street’ than this―technology. No, we aren’t talking about any treatment to go from flab-to-fab in a month, but instead having a new-age companion by your side who can make working out an absolute treat. These are simple minimalistic fitness devices that are surprisingly effective in motivating us to do better, and help us keep a log of our progress. So, if the prospect of finally delivering on your new year resolution sounds alluring to you, here’s a list of the top 5 fitness gadgets available in the market today.

Nike+ FuelBand
The Nike+ FuelBand is probably one of the most stylish and popular fitness gadgets in the market today. The band takes a rather simple approach to helping you along as you go about your routine giving you simple to understand messages to tell you about your progress. It uses its built-in three-axis accelerometer to track your physical activities like the steps taken, distance covered, etc. You can choose to set a daily target, and the 20 LED lights change color from red to green depending on your progress, every now and again displaying words of encouragement to help motivate you. The watch syncs with the Nike+ website, using its in-built USB. You can also connect to a dedicated iPhone app and track your progress on your mobile. The FuelBand makes it to the top of our list for its simple, yet effective way of tracking your daily activities and its innovative display.

Jawbone UP24
This band has a rather quirky, yet ergonomic design and makes quite a fashion statement without compromising on comfort. As the name suggests, the UP24 tracks your activities through the day, right from your calories burned to your sleep pattern. The band suffers due to the lack of a built-in screen to check your progress on the go. It, however, makes up for it, to an extent, with a very useful and feature-rich computer app. It can also sync with a dedicated app on your iPhone via Bluetooth. The UP24 uses a proprietary USB cable for data syncing with your computer. This is one of the most feature-rich fitness gadget in the market today, but missing out on the top spot for the lack of a display.

Adidas SmartRun
Apart from tracking your every move and counting the calories that you burn, the SmartRun also tracks your heart rate without the need for additional equipment. The face of the watch features a touchscreen which helps you navigate through the many apps on it. You could also choose to use a Bluetooth headset with the watch, and stream music or get some coaching tips while you train. You can also view strength-training animations on the screen of the watch. The SmartRun syncs wirelessly with your computer, and helps you track your progress on it. The SmartRun is a really smart and handy fitness device, and has some real cool features to help you on your way towards fitness. The only thing that goes against it is the fact that it is a little too clunky and looks rather ordinary.

Fitbit Force
The Fitbit Force is a cross between a fitness band and a smartwatch. The stylish Force does a fine job of tracking the distance you cover, calories burnt, steps climbed, and tracks your sleep pattern. Apart from these basic functions, it doubles up as a watch and even notifies you about an incoming call on a paired phone. It syncs seamlessly with both Android and iOS devices, and also has a useful PC app. The band has some rather basic functions and a very small screen. It, however, makes up for its flaws by displaying call notifications from the supported device.

Withings Pulse
The Pulse is amongst the tinniest and perhaps the most versatile amongst all fitness gadgets in the market today. Apart from packing a pedometer and a sleep tracker, it also includes a heart rate monitor. It syncs effortlessly with Android and iOS devices via a Micro USB cable, although it does not sync with PCs. The Pulse also supports a lot of third-party apps, making it extremely popular amongst fitness enthusiasts. The Pulse is one nifty device and packs a lot of features. It’s Achilles heel, however, is the fact that it is a little too small and can easily be misplaced.

Besides these, other smartwatches like Samsung Galaxy Gear and Pebble Watch also make for great fitness gadgets. These, however, rely on their paired smartphones for most of their functions. Armed with these smart devices, you can easily be on track to regain your fitness. With just the right amount of determination, motivation, and perspiration, you might well be on your way to attaining the body you always wanted to have. Cheers.