Fitness Activities for Kids

When most of us think about exercises, we think about a gym with all the mechanical exercise equipment, which are enough to give us strong muscles and a good shape. However, children don’t require gyms. Their playing time is their exercise, and in this little time they have, they have to learn, have fun, and also exercise. Unfortunately, most of the children ignore the benefits of outdoor activities, and prefer to stay at home and watch cartoons. As if the idiot box wasn’t enough, another brilliant device called video games have been introduced, and this has added to the misery of the parents. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Microsoft or Sony. It’s just that children ignore their playing time and play virtual games, which are considered unhealthy. In this article, you will be provided with some fitness activities for kids, which have fun, frolic, and they will also make them strong and creative.

List of Activities

One of the most necessary things a child needs to do is to be active and remain healthy. However, most of the little monsters avoid outdoor games, as they feel there isn’t any fun element to it. Do not panic, just introduce them to some fun exercises given below, which will make working out so much fun that your child won’t even realize that he’s actually exercising.

  • Cycling
    Every child loves going for fun rides on a bicycle. Actually, bike riding can be a fun activity for the entire family. Parents should make sure that their children ride their bikes on sidewalks until they are sure that they have good riding skills. Make sure you educate them about traffic rules, and remember that helmets are compulsory.
  • Skipping
    The one exercise, which makes you rise above ground and also tones your legs is skipping or jump rope. It’s still one of the most favorite sports on playgrounds. Whether alone or with a group of friends, jumping rope challenges make you agile and coordinated.
  • Swimming
    Nothing can compare with the fun of splashing water on your friends. Swimming offers you a true body workout. Go to any doctor or pediatrician, they say that swimming is one of the best physical exercise.
  • Soccer
    Football is a game, which involves both agility and teamwork, and it is one of the most popular sports in the US. A game, which not only keeps the body fit, but also teaches the importance of teamwork, football helps your child to be a team player, a skill which is very essential in adult life. Before playing, make sure your children are wearing proper gear such as shin guards. Always wear shoes with cleats to ensure that you don’t slip while playing.
  • Path of Paper
    Sometimes, when the weather is not favorable, it’s always better to stay inside so that you don’t catch a cold. So, let’s play a wonderful indoor activity. Place around 15 paper towel squares in a line on the floor. Instruct your child to jump from square to square. You can join in as well, and make it even more fun. Separate squares further to make this sport more challenging, and encourage your child to jump on each square. Try jumping with one foot.
  • Dancing
    Dancing is one exercise where you have exercise and fun with music. Whether your little ones like hip hop or freestyle, encourage them to dance and explore their talent. If your child is shy, buy him/her various dancing DVDs where they teach various types of dance moves, or enroll them in a dance class where they learn how to be better and fast. Truly, dancing is one of the best recreational activities for kids.

These were some of the most recommended fitness activities for kids. In today’s world, having a healthy body and mind are the two most important things. Parents should make sure that their children get a proper warm up before jumping to any one of the above mentioned exercises.