Tips On How To Find The Right Shoe For You

            If you’ve ever been in a shoe store, or looked online for sneakers, you know that it can be an incredibly difficult endeavor. This is because there are many different kinds of shoes with tons of different qualities. If you haven’t done your research, you can easily get lost looking for a new pair of shoes for ages. However, this article will help you find the perfect pair of kicks for you in no time.

            The first thing you should consider when picking out a pair of shoes is what you’ll be using them for. This may sound obvious, but you’ll want to  make sure that you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck by buying the shoes you want for what you want. For example, there is a huge difference between shoes for fitness and shoes for casual wear, as those for casual wear can oftentimes be bulky and get in the way of your workouts. This is also true for shoes built for skateboarding and other sports. While they’re great for what they’re intended for, they can deteriorate the health of your feet if you don’t buy the right shoe for what you need.

            Next, you’ll want to analyze your feet. If you have high arches, make sure that you get the correct amount of arch support. You may also want to consider measuring your feet before making any purchase, because buying the wrong size shoes can be horrible for your feet. This is a great way to make sure that you’re getting the best size, for both your comfort and the price. You should also look into the fit of shoe you’ll need. If you have really small feet, you may want to get narrow, and wide feet will need a wide shoe. Narrow is usually labelled 2A or B, while wide is 2E to 4E.  If you’re looking for the perfect pair of sneakers, gather this information and head on over to Foot Locker for great deals on fantastic products.

Tips to skinny is healthy

Skinny people are often assumed to be healthy because they look the part. But there is a hu-u-uge difference between looking healthy and being healthy. So let’s shoo the elephant out of the room right away.

No. Being skinny does not mean that you are healthy.

Well, it depends on how you define ‘healthy’ and ‘skinny’. If you define healthy as merely ‘anything but fat’, and skinny as ‘Keira Knightley’, then yes, all you skinny people are ‘healthy’. But is health merely a visual absence of obesity? Go on, take a guess. If your answer is ‘yes’, you are gravely mistaken!

A healthy person has a sound body, mind, and spirit. Even if we ignore the psychological and spiritual aspects of health for the matter of this discussion, skinny is not a sound state of body. In nature, too much either way of any optimum is harmful. So, while obesity is a much-publicized danger, the other end of the spectrum is also harmful, possibly even more so. Here’s why.

Disclaimer: This Buzzle article is for informative purposes only. It does not intend to replace the advice offered by a medical professional.

‘Obesity’ is Not Always Unhealthy

Health fanatics and most physicians depend almost exclusively on a parameter known as Body Mass Index, or BMI, to assess general health. This is based on the incorrect assumption that the ratio between your body weight and your height is enough to make a diagnosis on whether you are obese, and that this ‘obesity’ is inherently unhealthy. Granted, a BMI of more than 30 is almost always unhealthy, but here’s an interesting fact. Dwayne Johnson weighs about 265 lb, and is 6′ 5” tall. That gives us a BMI of 31. LeBron James’ weight is around 245-250 lb, and he is 6′ 8” tall. That gives us a BMI of 27. Let’s not even get started on Shaquille O’Neal! So, according to the BMI scale, The Rock, Shaq, and King James are overweight – dangerously so! Someone should warn them, and get them to work out more to shed those unhealthy pounds, right?

The reason why LeBron James, Shaquille O’Neal, and Dwayne Johnson are ‘overweight’ is that they have large, heavy muscles, and thus weigh more. However, their ‘rotund bellies’ are healthy, and packed with rock-hard muscles, instead of flabby fat.

This is where the fallacy in BMI is exposed. It is not your total body weight that determines whether you are obese, it’s your Body Fat Percentage.

Check Your Body Fat, Not Your Paunch

Body Fat Percentage shows how much of your body is made up of fat, regardless of your total body weight. A high body fat percentage (more than 25-30%) is linked to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and the likes, but a high body weight can’t be linked to the same diseases.

Since very few ‘obese’ people are muscle-maniac NBA or WWE stars, it is likely that having a BMI higher than 30 corresponds to a high body fat percentage, but the converse is not true. In simple terms, overweight people are likely to have a higher body fat percentage, but that doesn’t mean that thin people are likely to have a low body fat percentage. You can be thin and weigh in at your ideal weight, but that could just be because of your weak, undeveloped muscles. Thin people are just as likely to have a high body fat percentage as overweight people – it just doesn’t show.

When you visit the doctor next, ignore your BMI-approved weight and insist on getting your body fat percentage checked. You may be in for a surprise.

Skinny AND Metabolically Obese is a More Dangerous Combo

We think obese people should watch their diet, and not even think about grilled cheese sandwiches for the rest of their lives (no, no, think about something – anything – else!). Well, sure, people looking to lose weight should indeed watch their diet, but this doesn’t mean that skinny people can get away with anything. Since skinny people don’t weigh or look obese, they think it’s okay for them to indulge in processed, high-carb, sugary meals. But since metabolic obesity doesn’t depend on weight, their ignorance can lead to them eating even larger amounts of such risky foods than visibly obese people who are obviously more cautious. In fact, studies have shown that being obese and being severely underweight is equally dangerous in terms of heart trouble and hypertension.

I’m Skinny, Am I Metabolically Obese?

Body Fat Percentage
As mentioned before, check your Body Fat Percentage. If it is less than 20%, you have nothing to worry about.

Blood Test
Get a blood test done, and insist on including an insulin response test in your next physical checkup. High blood sugar level and insulin response indicate that you already are or are at a risk of becoming diabetic.

Just Ask Yourself!
Do you feel great? Are you happy with the way you look? Do you run out of stairs before you run out of breath? Do you sleep well? Are you immune from periodic bouts of cold and flu? If your answer is yes, great! Your body is probably fine. If not, you may be ‘skinny obese’.

How Do I Become Truly Healthy?

Cut Out the Cardio
First and foremost, cut out the heavy-duty cardio, and start lifting weights. This applies to skinny women as well – stay off the little pink dumbbells, and start lifting heavy. Cardio does burn fat, but also eats into muscles. Weight training, on the other hand, pumps up your metabolism and thus increases your hunger, which should only be satisfied via healthy foods that increase muscle mass and help burn fat. Larger muscles need more calories for sheer sustenance, which, combined with a smart diet, are obtained by burning fat. Also, there is no scientific way to say this – larger muscles look hot!

Eat Fresh
Cut down on processed foods, and start eating fresh foods. Those daily burgers that you thought were fine will bite you in the bottom one day. Instead of the hastily gobbled burger or Sub, have a fruit or a salad. It takes even less time to prepare than the supposed ‘fast food’, and is infinitely healthier. And if you think fruits taste bland, that is what real food tastes like! You have just become used to the hokey and horribly harmful layers of sugars, flavoring agents, and trans fats.

Eat More Natural Fats
There are good fats (high-density cholesterol) and there are bad fats (low-density cholesterol). ‘Real’ foods such as fish, nuts, eggs, and fruits contain healthy fats, which are essential in the proper maintenance of our body. Good fats actually help prevent heart disease, and better our brain functioning. Good fats can be obtained through something as easy as switching to olive oil. Frying chicken or potatoes in olive oil is better than other options, but deep-frying is still harmful.

Eat More Proteins
Proteins are essential in increasing muscle mass. Have a protein-rich breakfast (e.g. boiled eggs, omelets, stir-fried chicken, baked beans, protein shake), and include some form of protein in every meal. For those of us who like to snack between meals, install nuts or chopped fruits as your snack food. The best forms of proteins are found in animals, i.e. white meat, eggs, and fish, but vegetarians have the options of dairy, non-processed cheese (the ones that stink), beans, nuts, etc.

As with any natural phenomenon, straying too far away from the optimum physical condition in either direction has terrible consequences. The best option is to eat real, wholesome foods, and exercise regularly like our life depended on it – it does! Our body is a result of genetics, but modifying it is completely in our hands, and maintaining it is nothing less than a responsibility.

How To Learn about your body

Let’s face it, we tend to shirk physical activity or exercise every time the opportunity arises. We may have a membership to multiple gyms but are hardly regular to even one. We do not hesitate to throw some frivolous excuse in order to skip exercise. This negative attitude towards physical activity stems from the belief that one has to spend hours in the gym to improve overall health.

However, exercise is considered to be a natural antidepressant, and it can be a fun activity that can uplift your mind and body. Moreover, it is one activity that you can really enjoy. So, we at Buzzle, have decided to do our bit to motivate you to lead a healthier lifestyle, by presenting a few fun fitness facts.

Fun Facts About Physical Fitness

If you are able to keep your conversation going while doing a workout, it means you are not exercising at a high intensity.

There is no such thing as ‘ideal time’ for exercise. Exercise is beneficial no matter what time of the day you choose to do it.

Your daily workout need not be structured. In order to stay healthy, you just need to be consistent in whatever type of exercise you do.
People who engage in weight training and wish to quit smoking have a twofold chance of quitting the ‘cancer stick’ successfully than those who avoid weight training.

Men who exercise with their counterparts tend to stay motivated and workout with heavier weights. To put it simply, weight training with your female partner is sure to give excellent results.

Studies suggest that whenever you walk for an hour, you add 2 hours to your life expectancy. No wonder, it is said that walk a mile daily to be healthy and fine.
If you have a sedentary spouse, there is a high probability that you too will remain sedentary. Another study has shown that if your partner is leading an active lifestyle, there is an 85% chance that you too will lead an active lifestyle.
It is a myth that if you stop exercising, the gained muscle mass turns into fat. Muscle and fat are two different tissues that cannot transform from one tissue type to another.
As exercise builds muscle mass and burns extra fat, one can still gain weight despite losing fat.

Exercise helps to uplift one’s mood as it stimulates the production of endorphins, commonly known as the happy hormones, in the body.
People who exercise are in good shape and tend to share healthier relationships with their partners, kids, and co-workers.

While exercising outdoors, we tend to face resistance from environmental factors like wind, heat, and cold. This is not the case with a gym that provides a controlled environment. Hence, outdoor exercise tends to slash more calories as compared to an indoor workout.
A 5-10 minute warm up session raises metabolic rate, which promotes better oxygen delivery and utilization to the working muscles. No wonder, a warm up provides superior muscle control while exercising.

It is observed that the metabolic rate stays elevated after exercise. So, the body continues to burn calories even after the workout, which is more than the calories you burn during exercise.

Dancing is a fun gym-free activity to boost your heart health. The wide range of movements associated with dancing can certainly provide cardiovascular benefits.
A vigorous workout can cause substantial loss of body fluids. So, it is essential to drink water before, during, and after exercise to keep yourself well-hydrated.
Genetically, women do not have the capacity to develop a bulky muscular body as they have very less testosterone―the hormone needed to develop large bulky muscles.
Muscle tissue is found to be 3 times more effective in burning calories than fat tissue. This is because muscle cells utilize much more calories than fat cells, even at rest.
The working of muscle tissue is highly dependent on the fluid levels in them. Even a small drop in fluid levels can reduce its performance considerably. It is observed that while exercising, if a muscle loses just 3% of its fluids, its strength reduces by 10%.
Simply visualizing a particular type of exercise in your mind triggers the muscle synapses.
The only exercise where you need to stop breathing in order to do it successfully is swimming underwater.

A really good laugh uses face and abdominal muscles as well as increases heart rate. In fact, laughing 100 times a day is equivalent to riding an exercise bike for 15 minutes.
An average individual will have walked around 70,000 miles till he reaches old age.
According to the American Council on Exercise, calorie deficit obtained by engaging in 60 minutes of inline skating or running is more or less the same.

In case, you are not exercising daily, you may lose up to 80% of your muscle strength by the time you reach the age of 65.

Being thin does not mean that the body fat percentage is always normal. It is not the weight but the amount of fat that matters the most. So, people with healthy weight, can still have high body fat percentage, which can be detrimental to the health.
In order to get rid of an extra pound of fat, you need to burn around 3,500 calories.

According to Dutch researchers, people who consume alcoholic beverages half an hour, prior to their meal eat more calories. So, one can conclude that drinking alcohol before meals helps increase appetite.

Tomato ketchup is more effective in warding off heart ailments than fresh tomatoes.

Lycopene, a compound that boosts heart health, is found in tomatoes. However, this compound is better absorbed when it is present in ketchup.

Although yogurt is considered to be a diet food, one should avoid Greek yogurt when dieting as it is found to be high in fats.

Drinking beer in moderation can also help boost bone health. This is because beer contains dietary mineral silicon that helps strengthen the bones.

Fun Facts about the Human Body

To utter a single word, your body uses about 70 muscles. A smile uses 17 muscles, whereas 42 muscles are required to frown.
If all the nerves in the human body are joined together, they would cover a distance of 45 miles.

During normal breathing, on an average, a person uses 7 quarts of air per minute.

A one-minute French kiss can burn around 26 calories.
Of the 206 bones found in the human body, 52 bones are located in the feet.
You cannot keep your eyes open while sneezing.

A man’s heart can beat almost 6 beats per minute slower than a woman’s heart.
Fingernails can grow up to 4 times faster than toenails. The middle fingernail grows at the fastest rate.

A given quantity of blood pumped from the heart requires only about 23 seconds to complete a round of the circulatory system.

The right lung is slightly larger than the left lung. This is because the left lung makes space for the heart in the chest.

The food swallowed after chewing takes 7 seconds to reach the stomach.
When the urinary bladder is completely full, it is inflated to the size of a soft ball, which is slightly larger than a cricket ball.

Every time you gain a pound of fat, there is addition of 7 new miles of blood vessels to your body.

The brain receives electrical signals from the nervous system at very high speeds that can reach up to 200 miles per hour. Also, every second the brain gets flooded with 100 million nerve signals that are relayed from the sensory organs.

Tips to Becoming a Fitness Freak

It is easy to spot fitness freaks; their daily life revolves around what they like the most – workout and healthy food. Start talking to them and they will start giving you nutritional advice. They will never get tired of talking about training strategies that may work for you. Their lifestyle is similar to that of people from the sports field. They are strict about their diet and exercise regimen and very particular about their fitness.

Here, we give you some signs of a fitness freak. If you find them in you, the chances are high that you are becoming one!

1) No matter how late you are in office, you prefer to use the stairs instead of the elevator. You often talk to your sedentary office workers about the importance of taking the stairs and how it is a great cardiovascular exercise.

2) A good workout for you is one that leaves your body sore.

3) You have multiple pairs of shoes for different workouts.

4) You often browse through fitness websites and like to find what more can be done to make your workout interesting.

5) You are proud of your strong physique and want others to recognize it.

6) You are more interested in having protein shakes than cocktails.

7) You plan your busy schedule in such a way that you can spend the maximum time at your gym.

8) Carrying a heavy bag is a pleasure for you as you consider it as a good workout for your muscles.

9) Gym memberships, workout clothes, and subscriptions of health magazines are some gifts that top your favorites’ list.

10) You shun eating junk food and make the ones who have it, feel guilty.

11) While your family and friends like to read political magazines like ‘The New Yorker’ and ‘The Week’, you prefer fitness magazines such as ‘Health’, ‘Muscle and Fitness’, ‘Shape’, and ‘Prevention’.

12) Frequently changing the workout routine is your habit because you like to make your workout challenging. You are constantly looking for ways to make your workout more difficult.

13) Adequate hydration is your top priority and you often talk about the special fueling required before and after workout.

14) No matter what, you don’t miss your exercise routine and you are ready to get up even at 5 am to sneak a workout into your super-busy schedule.

15) You check your heart rate monitor more often than your Facebook account.

16) When it comes to celebrity news and gossip, you are only interested in who lost or gained weight and how.

17) You follow a 6-meals-a-day plan and prefer food that is nutritious.

18) You possess more sports and workout clothes than regular ones.

19) You love the gym and your idea of a successful happy hour is a good workout that leaves you gasping for breath.

20) Your fitness trainer quickly becomes your close friend and you spend more time with him than with your friends.

21) As you spend more time in the gym, you can easily recall names of the gym staff members.

22) Thanks to your frequent visits to the health club, you swipe your gym ID card more often than your credit card.

23) When thinking of buying a new house or looking for a new job, the first consideration in your mind is the distance of the gym from your work/home.

24) You often get competitive in the gym whenever you notice someone running harder on the treadmill. You challenge yourself with more training.

25) You always travel with your running shoes and a jumping rope to squeeze in workout whenever possible.

26) You would like someone appreciating your well-toned physique rather than complimenting your outfit.

27) You prefer to exercise like crazy to sweat out the calories, rather than dieting.

28) Your playlist consists of only workout songs. There is no place for dance music on the list.

29) Your general rule for makeup: think waterproof and apply minimally so that it does not get messed up during your workout.

30) Your Facebook page and News feed is full of training and dietary tips to improve fitness.

On the whole, if you are a fitness freak, you will never favor the taste of a food over its health benefits. You will exercise regularly, and always be ready to train harder for a fit and healthy body.

How To Lose Weight

Healthy weight loss is achieved by following a healthy diet, increasing your level of physical activity, and adopting good lifestyle habits. Period. But some lack the motivation or patience to follow healthy techniques to lose weight. Those desperately looking to get in shape will resort to any ‘quick’ method available. They may not realize that these methods can put their overall health at risk.

Here are the common myths or wrong weight loss methods that should be avoided. Make sure you do not make these mistakes when trying to lose weight.

Relying on Packaged ‘Diet’ Food

Nowadays, a lot of prepackaged diet meals are available in the market (Pure Package, Diet to Go). Here, you get a pre-designed packed box of breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner every day. As these foods contain less amounts of calories, they are claimed to be effective. However, what people are unaware of is that these foods contain preservatives, sugar, and other additives. Secondly, drastically cutting down on calories can slow down your metabolism. Products like diet soda contains artificial sweeteners and caffeine, which does more harm to the body than good. Substituting a balanced and nutritious meal with anything marked ‘diet’ or ‘fat-free’ food is actually not healthy. Consuming foods with high sugar can lead to diabetes and kidney damage, whereas, consuming foods with high amounts of sodium can lead to hypertension. Packaged or anything coming in a box is not healthy. It may be convenient, but the additives in these foods will prevent you from losing weight, and is not healthy either.

Eating Fat-Free Food

What most of us are unaware about is that fat-free does not necessarily mean low in calories. It’s true that consuming less fats can help you get in shape sooner, but packaged ‘fat-free’ foods are loaded with carbohydrates and sugar, and hence, are high in calories. Secondly, low fat foods like dried fruits, nuts, beans, dairy, packaged yogurt, salad dressings, pretzels, etc., contain high amounts of calories. For example, fruit juices (fresh as well as packaged ones) contain no fat, but have high calories. Therefore, consuming more than 1 glass of fruit juice will not help in warding off excess weight, due to the high caloric intake.

Relying on a Liquid Diet

To rely only on fruit and vegetable juice to lose weight is a wrong method, for two reasons. Firstly, by substituting your meal with only juice, you decrease the calorie intake drastically. It will help lose weight, but it can cause health problems like lack of energy, nutritional deficiency, headaches, stomach disorders, etc. We require carbohydrates and proteins to gain energy. Secondly, if you consume fruit or vegetable juices, but do not cut down on their portion sizes, you may still gain weight because of the high calorie content (read the aforementioned ‘Eating Fat-Free Food’). Watching your portions, following a balanced diet, and exercising to burn off excess calories, is the best way to be healthy and fit.

Not Cutting Down on Food Intake

Exercise plays an important role in maintaining healthy weight. It is true that exercise helps burn extra calories, but it will probably not help you much if you do not take care of your diet by reducing your calorie intake. If you believe you can exercise every day and eat to your heart’s content, you are mistaken. For healthy weight loss, you need to burn more calories than you consume. So, you need to limit the intake of food, else, the amount of calories consumed will exceed those burnt off. Now, those sweating out for hours together at the gym, did you know that extreme exercising is also linked to premature aging?

Using Sauna Suits or Rubber Belts

You may come across many products that claim to promote quick weight loss, like rubber belts, sauna suits, etc. If you wish to get rid of excess weight, you need to burn off fat. Sauna does not help burn fat, it just helps in losing water weight. You will regain weight as soon as you replenish your lost fluids by drinking water. Sauna suits induce excessive sweating, which can have harmful side effects like severe dehydration, loss of electrolytes, heatstroke, etc. Using a sauna suit is not a safe way to lose weight.

Having Time-Based Meal Plans

A diet that suggests you to follow a rigid meal plan is not a practical approach to weight loss. In the present day lifestyle, it is impossible to follow a rigid time-based meal plan, unless, of course, you are waited on hand and foot. If your diet plan says not to have meals after 6pm, it may not be possible every day, as you are working, have chores to fulfill, etc. Having specific set of foods at specific times is impractical and difficult. In fact, eating healthy snacks when hungry can boost your metabolism. Remember, eating when hungry, and only so much as to suppress your hunger, is the correct way to go.

Believing Skinny is Fit

Weight loss is usually recommended to those who are overweight or have a BMI higher than normal. However, once you get rid of the unwanted fat, you should aim to maintain that, and stop the unwanted fat from returning. Remember, being skinny does not mean you are fit or healthy. In most of the cases, being skinny is associated with fasting and starving, which leads to health problems like nutritional deficiency, headaches, stomach disorders, dehydration, etc. A skinny person can be as unhealthy as an overweight person due to wrong food and lifestyle habits. Compromising on your food and following crazy diets can be harmful. Being underweight takes a toll on your overall health, and is commonly associated with malnutrition, weak immune system, disorders of the skin, hair, stomach, etc.

Skipping Exercise

As mentioned above, it is a myth that only extensive exercising or strength training in the gym helps lose weight. Although there is no doubt that these exercises are effective, there is no denying the fact that other exercise types like aerobic exercises, household chores (lawn mowing, washing the car, scrubbing), or other daily physical activities like climbing the stairs, are also equally effective. Walking, running, jogging, swimming, cycling, etc. (along with good food habits), help in losing and maintaining proper body weight. A regular exercise regime combined with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle habits is the ideal way to get in shape.

Starving Yourself
Cutting down on fatty and high-calorie foods is recommended in every weight loss plan. But some take it to another level, forget the word ‘wrong’ foods, and go on a near-death starvation diet. Our body needs food to keep going, to gain energy, and also to perform different functions in the body. Starvation deprives the body of its fuel. Along with fat loss, starvation also causes muscle loss. Secondly, as your body starts conserving energy, the metabolism slows down drastically, and fewer calories are burnt. This means, even when you switch to a healthy diet later on, you will have trouble burning calories. Did you know that the effects of starvation can take nearly a year to reverse completely?

Having Diet Pills/Drugs

Diet pills and drugs, like appetite suppressants, magic pills, laxatives, purgatives, etc., are used by some dieters to get in shape quickly. Many manufacturers claim weight loss with these pills, sans diet or exercise. Although this may appear very convenient and easy, it is not safe. Many diet pills contain large amounts of caffeine or appetite suppressants that will never make you feel hungry. There are no immediate effects of these diet pills, except a few side effects like anxiety, headaches, fatigue, lethargy, etc. But these pills are very addictive, and there are chances of developing a tolerance for the same. You will resume the lost weight after stopping the pills, if you do not follow a proper diet and exercise routine.

Sometimes, people adopt extreme weight loss methods like starvation or the tapeworm pills method mentioned above. It is not only dangerous but can have serious long-term health hazards. If you come across any bizzare or unconventional diet or weight loss tips, make sure you have detailed information about all its pros and cons, and after effects. If in doubt, it is always recommended to consult a doctor or a certified nutritionist before commencing any weight loss routine.

It is possible to lose weight with healthy methods. Following are the things you can do to achieve an ideal weight and maintain it.

What To Do

  • Follow healthy food habits.
  • Consult a nutritionist and understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy food.
  • Stop binging and emotional eating.
  • Do not skip meals. But, watch your portions.
  • Exercise regularly for 20-30 minutes every day.
  • Be physically active.
  • Follow a practical weight loss plan.
  • Continue maintaining a healthy lifestyle even after you lose weight.
  • Try to reduce stress.
  • Stay focused and motivated.

Remember a simple principle – as excess weight is not gained overnight, it cannot be lost in a short time either. Give yourself some time. Although healthy methods may take a bit longer to work, they are more effective, and definitely beneficial in the long term.

Tips to Fitness Gadgets

It is that time of the year when most of us jot down a huge list of to-dos and new year resolutions promising to rise up early in the morning and hitting the gym. We seem to have the conviction and determination of a Gladiator when we make these commitments to ourselves, and some actually go through with it. Though after a week of dragging ourselves to the gym, most of us seem to feel like the Greek god Atlas carrying the weight of the entire world on our shoulders. And then, there’s procrastinating, some more procrastinating about procrastinating, and then reassuring ourselves of seeing the task through before our next birthday, family get together, cousin’s wedding, or the next new year.

We’ve all been through this at some stage or the other, and for most of us, exercising surely seems to be one Herculean task. While all the references to the Greek gods might seem outdated and foreign, the solution to the problem at hand couldn’t be more ultra-modern and ‘up our street’ than this―technology. No, we aren’t talking about any treatment to go from flab-to-fab in a month, but instead having a new-age companion by your side who can make working out an absolute treat. These are simple minimalistic fitness devices that are surprisingly effective in motivating us to do better, and help us keep a log of our progress. So, if the prospect of finally delivering on your new year resolution sounds alluring to you, here’s a list of the top 5 fitness gadgets available in the market today.

Nike+ FuelBand
The Nike+ FuelBand is probably one of the most stylish and popular fitness gadgets in the market today. The band takes a rather simple approach to helping you along as you go about your routine giving you simple to understand messages to tell you about your progress. It uses its built-in three-axis accelerometer to track your physical activities like the steps taken, distance covered, etc. You can choose to set a daily target, and the 20 LED lights change color from red to green depending on your progress, every now and again displaying words of encouragement to help motivate you. The watch syncs with the Nike+ website, using its in-built USB. You can also connect to a dedicated iPhone app and track your progress on your mobile. The FuelBand makes it to the top of our list for its simple, yet effective way of tracking your daily activities and its innovative display.

Jawbone UP24
This band has a rather quirky, yet ergonomic design and makes quite a fashion statement without compromising on comfort. As the name suggests, the UP24 tracks your activities through the day, right from your calories burned to your sleep pattern. The band suffers due to the lack of a built-in screen to check your progress on the go. It, however, makes up for it, to an extent, with a very useful and feature-rich computer app. It can also sync with a dedicated app on your iPhone via Bluetooth. The UP24 uses a proprietary USB cable for data syncing with your computer. This is one of the most feature-rich fitness gadget in the market today, but missing out on the top spot for the lack of a display.

Adidas SmartRun
Apart from tracking your every move and counting the calories that you burn, the SmartRun also tracks your heart rate without the need for additional equipment. The face of the watch features a touchscreen which helps you navigate through the many apps on it. You could also choose to use a Bluetooth headset with the watch, and stream music or get some coaching tips while you train. You can also view strength-training animations on the screen of the watch. The SmartRun syncs wirelessly with your computer, and helps you track your progress on it. The SmartRun is a really smart and handy fitness device, and has some real cool features to help you on your way towards fitness. The only thing that goes against it is the fact that it is a little too clunky and looks rather ordinary.

Fitbit Force
The Fitbit Force is a cross between a fitness band and a smartwatch. The stylish Force does a fine job of tracking the distance you cover, calories burnt, steps climbed, and tracks your sleep pattern. Apart from these basic functions, it doubles up as a watch and even notifies you about an incoming call on a paired phone. It syncs seamlessly with both Android and iOS devices, and also has a useful PC app. The band has some rather basic functions and a very small screen. It, however, makes up for its flaws by displaying call notifications from the supported device.

Withings Pulse
The Pulse is amongst the tinniest and perhaps the most versatile amongst all fitness gadgets in the market today. Apart from packing a pedometer and a sleep tracker, it also includes a heart rate monitor. It syncs effortlessly with Android and iOS devices via a Micro USB cable, although it does not sync with PCs. The Pulse also supports a lot of third-party apps, making it extremely popular amongst fitness enthusiasts. The Pulse is one nifty device and packs a lot of features. It’s Achilles heel, however, is the fact that it is a little too small and can easily be misplaced.

Besides these, other smartwatches like Samsung Galaxy Gear and Pebble Watch also make for great fitness gadgets. These, however, rely on their paired smartphones for most of their functions. Armed with these smart devices, you can easily be on track to regain your fitness. With just the right amount of determination, motivation, and perspiration, you might well be on your way to attaining the body you always wanted to have. Cheers.

Fitbit Products and Accessories

Don’t you feel great and guilt-free when you know that you’ve burned so many calories of that slice of pizza loaded with cheese you had last night? But how did you come to know that? And how did you know the distance you walked/jogged in the morning? Well, this is where the gadgets make an entry into the fitness world. Thanks to technology! Doesn’t matter if you are trying to lose weight or just staying healthy, these gadgets are like your best pals that keep a check on your workouts, distance, and calories. These gadgets won’t even hesitate in making you feel guilty – if you do not run the actual distance that you usually do everyday or if you consume more calories than you should. They monitor your day-to-day activities and help you reach your goal.

One such company that brings you these kinds of gadgets is Fitbit. Even though there are many more companies that have been in the market for a long time now, Fitbit is comparatively newer and has a slight edge over others. The fitness trackers introduced by Fitbit go beyond workouts, and tracks your sleep cycle and also shows your calorie intake. Amazing isn’t it? Now, you can keep your calories in control and check your eating habits with these awesome devices. Let us check out the best Fitbit products so that you can keep a track of your health and fitness.

Fitbit Products

Fitbit One

Fitbit One is a wireless device and a sleep tracker. It monitors your sleep cycle and also has a silent alarm to wake up to. It also tracks sleep, distance, calories burned, the number of stairs climbed. Attach it to your pocket, belt, or t-shirt and get going! It is available in black and burgundy colors. It includes rechargeable battery.

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Fitbit Zip

It is a wireless activity tracker that tracks your steps, distance covered, and the amount of calories burned. It displays the time and daily stats. It is waterproof and sweatproof. This gadget is for those who do not want to track their sleeping patterns. The battery is replaceable. Clip it to your clothes and start working out.

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Fitbit Flex

It is a great gadget to add to your fitness collection. You can see the number of calories you’ve burned, how active you’ve been throughout the day, and the distance covered. You can also check whether you had a sound sleep or disturbed sleep. You can set your goals for the day and see your progress with the LED lights. It has a rechargeable battery. You can even install the apps from your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note smartphones. It comes in small and large sizes.

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Fitbit Aria

Fitbit Aria is Wi-Fi smart scale. It aids your overall fitness goals and health by showing your accurate weight, BMI, and body fat percentages. The data can be synced through the Wi-Fi to track your progress. It also helps you set goals daily. It recognizes up to eight users and maintains a private account for all.

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Fitbit Surge

It is a fitness super watch. It has a GPS and heart rate tracker. This watch also contains a caller ID. It shows the activity stats of all day and tracks your sleeping patterns as well. It also records the distance covered while running, cross-training, and cardio-workouts. The battery is rechargeable. It includes music control, and call and text notifications. It also includes a charging cable and a wireless sync dongle. The best way to keep your fitness in check. You just cannot miss it!

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Fitbit Charge HR

It is similar to Surge except that it doesn’t include GPS tracking. It tracks the heart rate continuously, and even daily stats and sleep cycle. It also has a caller ID. It also records the running routes, stats, and workouts. It has a rechargeable battery, charging cable, and wireless sync dongle. It is available in black and plum colors.

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Fitbit Charge

It doesn’t include GPS tracking and smartphone notifications. It is similar to Fitbit Force, which was recalled due to skin reaction issues. It has automatic sleep detection, caller ID, and also alarm. It has a rechargeable battery, charging cable, and wireless sync dongle as well.

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Fitbit Accessories

You can now personalize your devices with the Fitbit accessories.

Fitbit Zip Color Clip

It clips to the clothes easily, and is used for zip wireless activity tracker. It comes in five different colors. This does not include the tracker.

Fitbit One Color Clip

It is used for holding One wireless activity and sleep tracker, and clips onto the clothes very easily. It comes in black and burgundy colors. This also does not include the tracker.

Flex Color Band

The Flex accessory band includes a clasp, in which various colors are available. They also come in a pack of three under the categories – sport, classic, and vibrant. These do not include the tracker.

Wireless Sync Dongle

It is used to sync all the trackers to your online account so that you can track your progress daily. It plugs into the USB port easily.

One Sleep Band

It is used to analyze your sleeping quality and patterns while you are asleep at night. It is only compatible with One tracker.

Charge Charging Cable

It used for charging your Charge tracker, and plugs into the USB port easily.

Flex Charging Cable

Charge your Flex tracker with the charging cable that plugs into the USB port.

One Charging Cable

Charge your One tracker with the charging cable that is included with the tracker.

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Fitbit is a great choice for anyone who wants a change in his/her lifestyle and motivation to stay healthy. Owing to Fitbit, people are getting more and more health conscious, and achieving a better level of fitness. You can now track every detail and maintain an account of your entire day. So, hurry up and get your Fitbit, and stay fit!

Which One to Choose Fitbit Flex Or Jawbone UP24?

In this era of wearable devices, activity trackers by leading fitness brands have seen some serious upgrades to match user requirements. Two of the bestselling brands, ‘Fitbit’ and ‘Jawbone’, have come up with their latest upgraded versions of wearable activity tracking devices; namely, ‘Fitbit Flex’ and ‘Jawbone UP24’. These devices, highly trending on the sales chart, are going to leave you amazed by their performance.

For all the dazed prospective buyers out there, you need to know a lot before you hand over your fitness regime to be monitored by these devices. So Buzzle has compared the two devices on various criteria and presented their verdict.
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In Depth ReviewComparison Chart

Buzzle’s Verdict

To decide which band better suits your needs, check out the categories mentioned above that are most important to you. Picking one between the two devices can be a bit of a mission, but one thing is for sure, both fitness devices will help you motivate you to move around and get fit.

In Depth Review

Fitbit Flex is sure to catch your eye with an ultra-sleek finish on its wide range of colorful bands. The elastomer bands, available in two sizes, have been given a smooth finish with steel clasps at the end, which might take some time to get adjusted to around your wrist. Once worn, you may take it anywhere and everywhere without the fear of losing it. The user-interface display has 5 LEDs. The preset activities and the percent of goal achieved is indicated by these. Each LED is an indication of 20% of the goal achieved. The user may double-tap the glass panel to see what percent of the set goal remains to be achieved.

Jawbone UP24 is an improvisation of Jawbone Up in many ways. The design remains almost the same, but the etched ‘v’s have been replaced by waves on the band. Jawbone claims the UP24 to be made of clinically approved hypoallergenic bands. The bands come in 6 appealing colors and 3 comfortable sizes. At one end of the band is a nickel-plated cap that powers on the tracking device. The other extended cap hides the USB pin for connecting the UP24 to other devices. The two ends overlap each other and is easy wear and take off.

Both, Fitbit Flex and Jawbone UP24, claim to track activities like steps taken, distance traveled, calories burnt, the hours and the quality of sleep. The truth? Users reviewed the performance of Flex as miscalculated on most instances. The device has been noted to count activities like eating or shaking hands as exercise.

On the other hand, Jawbone UP24 is more accurate in measurement of your activity and inactivity too. It’s Idle Alert buzzes lightly to remind you to get moving if you’ve been sitting idle for a long time. Although, this time can be set while logging the tracking device with your daily entries. Another feature that sets this device apart is Smart Coach. This feature provides the wearer with much-needed motivation in the form of reminders to increase activity or drink water while achieving his/her fitness goals.

Connectivity and Compatibility
Fitbit Flex is very flexible in terms of connectivity and compatibility. You’ll love the way it can connect to almost every device; be it your PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone using wireless sync. Be it iOS, Android, or Windows Xp/Vista/7/8.

The compatibility of Jawbone UP24 is restricted to iOS and Android operated devices. You may connect to your profile at the Fitbit site or the Up App at any time and anywhere using an internet connection or Wi-Fi.

Ease of Usage
You can easily carry your fitness motivator ‘Flex’ any and everywhere you want to. Waterproof up to 10 meters under water, workable at altitude as high as 30,000 ft and temperature as low as -4 degrees, it is the best companion to your fitness schedule. What’s sad is, its inability to track swimming as an activity. Lithium polymer batteries fuel the tracker up to 5 days once it has been fully charged.

Those nasty ends of the UP24 bands seem to lock into everything you lay your hands on. It is extremely easy to wrap the band around the wrist and still easier to lose it in your rigorous exercise schedule. Although it is dust and splash resistant, it is not recommended to submerge it underwater or any fluid for that matter. The operational conditions have not been specified by the manufacturer, although refraining from unnecessary bending is advised. With the latest firmware update, the batteries claim to last up to 14 days at a stretch.

Best Price and Warranty
A plethora of online stores offer some great deals on both products. Offers tend to change every week. The last known best price for Fitbit Flex was USD 92, and that for Jawbone UP24 was USD 102.99. Both manufacturers offer a one-year limited warranty on each purchase. The Fitbit has a return policy valid within 45-days from the date of purchase or delivery, while Jawbone offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Comparison Chart

Fitbit Flex Jawbone UP24

In The Box

  • Flex Tracker
  • Small and large wristbands
  • Wireless sync cable
  • membership
  • UP24 Band
  • Startup Guide
  • USB charging cable


  • Black
  • Slate
  • Tangerine
  • Teal
  • Navy
  • Violet
  • Blue
  • Lime
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Red
  • Pink Coral
  • Persimmon
  • Onyx
  • Navy Blue
  • Lemon Lime

User Interface Display

  • 5 LED lights
  • 2 single-color LED lights


  • Small- 5.5″- 6.9″
  • Large- 6.3″- 8.2″
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large


  • Windows OS
  • iOS
  • Android 4.0 and later versions
  • iOS
  • Android

Sync support

  • Bluetooth low energy
  • Bluetooth 4.0 BTLE


  • Elastomer band
  • Steel clasp
  • Hypoallergenic TPU rubber bands
  • Nickel-plated TR-90 nyloncap

Battery Life

  • Up to 5 days
  • Up to 14 days


  • MEMS 3-axis accelerometer
  • Tri-axis accelerometer
  • Altimeter


  • Alarm for pre-specified events
  • Smart Alarm
  • Idle Alert

Operating conditions

  • Water resistant (up to 10m)
  • Dust, moisture, and splash resistant
  • Cannot be submerged under water

Release Date

  • May 2013
  • November 2013

Release Price

  • USD 99.95*
  • USD 149.99*

Manufacturer’s Warranty

  • 45-days return policy
  • One-year (limited)
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • One year(limited)

Apps supported

  • Endomondo
  • SparkPeople
  • MyFitnessPal
  • Lose It!
  • RunKeeper
  • MapMyFitness
  • CarePass
  • IFTT
  • Maxwell Health
  • Sleepio
  • Wello
  • Withings
  • Lose It!
  • Nest


  • Up to 7 days of detailed data
  • Daily total up to 30 consecutive days
  • Up to 9 months

Activities tracked

  • Calories Burnt
  • Distance
  • Steps
  • Sleep
  • Calories consumed and burnt
  • Sleep time
  • Steps

Official Site

  • Fitbit
  • Jawbone

Fitbit Flex

  • Comes with a wireless syncing dongle.
  • Enables the user to sync USB automatically
  • Compatible with a PC as well as mobile phone
  • Works under a specified range of temperature, -4° to 113° F
  • Maximum altitude for satisfactory performance is 30,000 feet

Jawbone UP24

  • Additional features like a barcode scanner and stopwatch
  • Can log in daily dietary details to chart nutrition
  • Can set your mood and tag the exercises you perform
  • Helps you realize hours of deep slumber compared to light-sleep hours
  • Non-compatibility with Windows OS and OS X, pose an issue with potential customers.

Popular Fitness Gadgets

The winter chill is in the air, and with this season come a number tempting holiday treats, laziness, and the urge to hibernate indoors snuggled in a warm blanket. Fortunately, in today’s digitized world, there exist gadgets that utilize wireless technology, physical activities, social media, and other tools to make the couch potatoes get up and exercise. You feel great when you know that you’ve burned extra calories and have reached your goal for the day. These gadgets help you take that extra step towards a healthy life.

Fitbit is a popular name in the world of fitness gadgets. It tracks your daily activities just like its elder cousin, pedometer. Moreover, it also tracks your sleep cycle, calories burnt, calorie intake, heart rate, and distance traveled. The device can be synchronized wirelessly and you can upload all your stats on the app. The best part – it is portable and of size of a bracelet. Simply tracking your daily activities is a good way to stay fit and motivated to take the stairs each time or walk half a mile more. These devices track your movements throughout the day and show you how much you’ve actually moved. And if you haven’t, it’ll keep reminding you! Let’s check out some more fitness gadgets similar to Fitbit.

Alternatives to Fitbit

Nike+ FuelBand
As we all know, Nike is a giant brand in the sporting world, it has made a remarkable entry into the world of fitness gadgets. Nike+ FuelBand is a stylish creation of Nike that fits around the wrist easily and shows your daily activity stats with the help of LED lights. However, it does not track your sleep patterns. The wireless synchronization is possible and it can also double up as a wrist watch. The motion sensors capture your activity throughout the day and converts it into ‘Nike Fuel’ points. It also counts the steps you take everyday.

Jawbone Up
Another stylish wristband that monitors your fitness is Jawbone Up. It is slimmer as compared to Nike+ FuelBand and also tracks your sleep quality and patterns. It also acts as a sleep alarm while you are asleep. It also has a vibration alarm system that reminds you to move if you’ve been idle for too long. It doesn’t synchronize wirelessly. However, it doesn’t have a screen unlike its competitors. You will need to plug your device into a mobile to get all the data. This comfortable and mid-priced band could the one for you as long as you don’t mind using your smartphone each time to access the data.

Garmin VivoFit
The Garmin VivoFit is a discrete and sleek wearable wristband that’s comfortable and looks attractive as well. It allows you to wirelessly manage and share your data through the online community of Garmin. It displays your heart rate, keeps a track of steps you walk everyday, and also shows the number of calories burned. It also monitors the sleep cycle and highlights the periods of proper sleep. It keeps reminding you to walk in case of any prolonged intervals of physical activities, and it expects you to take a longer walk rather than just a quick trip to the washroom or kitchen. It has balancing features and is safe to wear in water.

Withings Pulse
It is a clip-on fitness gadget to monitor your progress everyday. You can clip it onto your clothes or keep it in your pocket. It captures the number of steps you take everyday, distance traveled, and amount of calories burned. You can also track the elevation climb and check your heart rate. You can see the stats on the LED screen, and also sync the data to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The disadvantage is that it is not waterproof and does not remind you of any activity in case you are lagging behind. It is supported by the Withings Health Mate app to check your stats.

Motorola MotoActv
Can’t workout without listening to music? Then Motorola MotoActv is the one for you! It not only keeps a tab on your workout routines, calories, heart rate, and distance traveled, but also figures out which songs motivate and pump you up the most, and then creates a playlist accordingly. What’s more? You can have up to 4000 songs playing on your wrist.

Misfit Shine
The rubber bracelets are taking over the market because of the high-tech jewelry that it is. You can wear it like a bracelet, necklace, or even clip-on. You can call it an elegant activity tracker. It monitors your motion whether you are walking, running, cycling, or swimming. The app allows you set certain goals, and shows the progress through LED lights. It also tracks your sleeping habits and wirelessly syncs all your data in your smartphone. Moreover, it is waterproof too.

LG Lifeband Touch
One of the giants in the world of electronic household goods has also jumped into creating fitness devices. The OLED touchscreen on the band allows you to check your daily activities. It shows stats like steps taken, calories burned, distance traveled, elevation, heart rate, and also tracks messages from Android or iOS devices. This device is also compatible with apps like Runkeeper and MapMyRun. You can also answer incoming calls and listen to music when paired with a smartphone.

Runtastic Orbit
This gadget is similar to Fitbit and has a versatile and excellent OLED display. It tracks your sleep cycle, steps taken, and calories. It is waterproof, and comes with two wristbands and clip, giving you the freedom to wear it as you like. It has a silent wake-up alarm that you can set, and an idle alarm that would remind you to move every time. However, it doesn’t have an altimeter to keep a tab on the stairs climbed. It doesn’t show the calorie intake unlike other devices. Although it monitors the steps taken, it doesn’t display number of miles you actually walked.

Polar Loop
Polar Loop is the recent entry in the world of wearable fitness gadgets. This waterproof wristband tracker can be worn even when you are swimming, and also shows the time of the day. The LED screen shows the metrics of calories burned, steps walked, and sleep cycle. It also monitors the heart rate, alerts you in case of prolonged hours of inactivity, and allows you set your daily targets. It is supported by the Polar Flow app to keep a check on your daily fitness regime and progress. It is also compatible with the latest smartphones.

Skechers GO Walk
It is best if you are looking for a device that performs basic tracking functions. It records the number of steps taken everyday, shows the distance walked, calories burned, and sleep patterns. It easily syncs with iOS devices via Bluetooth, and makes it easy for you to track your progress and set daily goals.

These were some popular fitness gadgets like Fitbit that you can consider. The best fitness gadgets are the ones that you would want to keep using day in and day out. Choose an activity tracker that you may personally find motivating and suitable to you, synchronizes automatically with your devices, and watch yourself merrily walking on the path of becoming a healthier you!

Ways to Fun Fitness Activities

Having a sedentary lifestyle, devoid of any physical activity, for a longer duration leads to obesity, weakens muscles and bones, increases chances of heart diseases, etc. Therefore, doctors often advise us to exercise for at least 20-30 minutes every day. Regular physical exercise is a must for both, children as well as adults.

The term exercise is often associated with hard work or painful hours at the gym. Secondly, people also claim having no time to exercise or not being motivated enough to exercise regularly. However, did you know that there are several interesting activities that are considered good forms of exercise?

Fitness Activities for Adults

You need not subscribe to a gym membership to get in shape. Take a look at these activities. They are simple, interesting, fun-filled, and definitely not boring.


Rather than meeting your friends for a Sunday brunch, why not plan an outing and go trekking? Choose a spot and make picnic style arrangements. Along with trekking, you can enjoy in adventure sports there like rock climbing or rappelling. A combination of walking and climbing can make a wonderful cardio exercise. Secondly, you get to spend time with your friends/family, breathe some fresh air, and also enjoy the scenic beauty.


Any type of dance is good for the overall fitness. Subscribe to dance programs of your choice, be it aerobic dance, salsa, Zumba, or other classical dance form. You can even invite friends, put on some loud music and have an exhaustive dancing session!


Swimming is the best exercise and fun-filled fitness activity for people of all age groups. Swimming regularly for 20-30 minutes can burn sufficient amounts of calories and help in weight loss. Secondly, swimming can tone up muscles and enhance physical strength. Try swimming with family or friends, participating in swimming competitions, etc., regularly.

Martial Arts

Want to learn a new skill? Why not try martial arts? Not many are aware that martial arts is considered as one of the most effective fitness programs. Some of its benefits include: complete body workout, weight loss, improved muscle tone, stress relief, etc. Although it may be exhaustive, it can be a wonderful physical activity.


Walking, power walking, brisk walking, bicycling, for 20-30 minutes daily can work wonders on your health. It helps in weight loss, improves heart health, reduces high blood pressure, tones your muscles, etc. Try going for a walk with your partner after work/dinner, or walk your dog, or walk to your grocery store or other shorter distances whenever possible.

Activities for Kids

It is a misconception that children do not require exercise. Children should be made to understand the importance of regular physical activity. They will learn by example. Therefore, make sure you have an active lifestyle.


A walk through the nature, on the mountains, forests, etc., is one of the best fitness activities for the entire family. Involve kids in planning the trip or packing picnic snacks. They will enjoy the outdoors and also get to learn a lot from the scenic surroundings. Arranging a hiking expedition with children and teenagers is a good option.


Rather than letting kids on their own (glued to the television or video games), you can get involved and plan games for them. One idea is to arrange a relay or an obstacle race in the playground or the courtyard. A simple relay race like collecting articles on the way and reaching the finishing point can be an interesting activity for toddlers. Secondly, you can also plan a three-legged race, skipping race, etc.

Playground Games

As a continuation of the aforementioned idea, you can plan interesting playground games with your kids. Games like hide-and-seek, soccer, baseball, volleyball, cricket, etc., are fun. You can even arrange competitive sports so that the kids look forward to it and participate wholeheartedly. You get to spend time together as a family, burn calories, and inculcate values like team spirit, sportsmanship, in your children.

Hula Hooping

Hula hoop exercises are known since a long time and are popular even today. All you need to do is buy hula hoops of proper size for the kids, and enjoy hooping around. Secondly, there are several hula hoop games that you can arrange. One of them is to stand in a circle by holding hands and try to pass the ring from one point to the other.


Although not as exhausting as aforementioned activities, gardening can help relax and reduce stress. Involve kids in simple garden activities like sowing seeds (of vegetables of their choice), plant a single pot, clear weeds, etc. Kids will learn new things and concepts and also enjoy eating vegetables they have planted. Gardening is also proven to reduce stress to a great extent in adults. So, make this your next holiday activity!

Apart from these, some other outdoor activities for adults and children include tug-of-war, running and hopping races, jumping jacks, etc. So, forget your gym, form a group of like-minded people (kids and adults together), workout and enjoy with these interesting forms of exercises. Good luck!