Ways to Fun Fitness Activities

Having a sedentary lifestyle, devoid of any physical activity, for a longer duration leads to obesity, weakens muscles and bones, increases chances of heart diseases, etc. Therefore, doctors often advise us to exercise for at least 20-30 minutes every day. Regular physical exercise is a must for both, children as well as adults.

The term exercise is often associated with hard work or painful hours at the gym. Secondly, people also claim having no time to exercise or not being motivated enough to exercise regularly. However, did you know that there are several interesting activities that are considered good forms of exercise?

Fitness Activities for Adults

You need not subscribe to a gym membership to get in shape. Take a look at these activities. They are simple, interesting, fun-filled, and definitely not boring.


Rather than meeting your friends for a Sunday brunch, why not plan an outing and go trekking? Choose a spot and make picnic style arrangements. Along with trekking, you can enjoy in adventure sports there like rock climbing or rappelling. A combination of walking and climbing can make a wonderful cardio exercise. Secondly, you get to spend time with your friends/family, breathe some fresh air, and also enjoy the scenic beauty.


Any type of dance is good for the overall fitness. Subscribe to dance programs of your choice, be it aerobic dance, salsa, Zumba, or other classical dance form. You can even invite friends, put on some loud music and have an exhaustive dancing session!


Swimming is the best exercise and fun-filled fitness activity for people of all age groups. Swimming regularly for 20-30 minutes can burn sufficient amounts of calories and help in weight loss. Secondly, swimming can tone up muscles and enhance physical strength. Try swimming with family or friends, participating in swimming competitions, etc., regularly.

Martial Arts

Want to learn a new skill? Why not try martial arts? Not many are aware that martial arts is considered as one of the most effective fitness programs. Some of its benefits include: complete body workout, weight loss, improved muscle tone, stress relief, etc. Although it may be exhaustive, it can be a wonderful physical activity.


Walking, power walking, brisk walking, bicycling, for 20-30 minutes daily can work wonders on your health. It helps in weight loss, improves heart health, reduces high blood pressure, tones your muscles, etc. Try going for a walk with your partner after work/dinner, or walk your dog, or walk to your grocery store or other shorter distances whenever possible.

Activities for Kids

It is a misconception that children do not require exercise. Children should be made to understand the importance of regular physical activity. They will learn by example. Therefore, make sure you have an active lifestyle.


A walk through the nature, on the mountains, forests, etc., is one of the best fitness activities for the entire family. Involve kids in planning the trip or packing picnic snacks. They will enjoy the outdoors and also get to learn a lot from the scenic surroundings. Arranging a hiking expedition with children and teenagers is a good option.


Rather than letting kids on their own (glued to the television or video games), you can get involved and plan games for them. One idea is to arrange a relay or an obstacle race in the playground or the courtyard. A simple relay race like collecting articles on the way and reaching the finishing point can be an interesting activity for toddlers. Secondly, you can also plan a three-legged race, skipping race, etc.

Playground Games

As a continuation of the aforementioned idea, you can plan interesting playground games with your kids. Games like hide-and-seek, soccer, baseball, volleyball, cricket, etc., are fun. You can even arrange competitive sports so that the kids look forward to it and participate wholeheartedly. You get to spend time together as a family, burn calories, and inculcate values like team spirit, sportsmanship, in your children.

Hula Hooping

Hula hoop exercises are known since a long time and are popular even today. All you need to do is buy hula hoops of proper size for the kids, and enjoy hooping around. Secondly, there are several hula hoop games that you can arrange. One of them is to stand in a circle by holding hands and try to pass the ring from one point to the other.


Although not as exhausting as aforementioned activities, gardening can help relax and reduce stress. Involve kids in simple garden activities like sowing seeds (of vegetables of their choice), plant a single pot, clear weeds, etc. Kids will learn new things and concepts and also enjoy eating vegetables they have planted. Gardening is also proven to reduce stress to a great extent in adults. So, make this your next holiday activity!

Apart from these, some other outdoor activities for adults and children include tug-of-war, running and hopping races, jumping jacks, etc. So, forget your gym, form a group of like-minded people (kids and adults together), workout and enjoy with these interesting forms of exercises. Good luck!

How To Stay Fit While Traveling

Traveling and going on a vacation is sheer fun! Wandering around in new places, meeting friends and new people, binging on food, and yes, letting go of the life back home for a while, all make traveling a cherished experience. Also on a vacation, you may sometimes overexert yourself, and soon after, be left to the confines of your cozy hotel room. As a result the routine goes haywire, and after the holiday – you end up looking plump and tired, and do not keep fit. The idea behind writing this article is to help you to compensate for not attending your gym or doing regular fitness activities during the vacation. I ensure that after you return from the vacation, your shape or stamina won’t change a bit, in fact you will look leaner and feel fitter. Let’s get started now.

Keeping Fit While You Travel

Being fit has more to it than having a good physique. To put it in simple words, fitness is more about having a healthy body and mind. When you are fit, you have the enthusiasm and the energy to do new things, and you feel energetic even after going through physical stress. Thus fitness is very essential during the vacation period too, because during traveling you have to strain your body a lot. To help you, I have compiled some tips. Sticking to these golden rules will ensure that you stay fit while traveling. The rules demand total dedication and a few sacrifices for them to work, read ’em all.

1. Search for options to keep yourself fit

Being fit is a matter of personal choice, place has no consideration. To cater to fitness freaks, most of the hotels offer facilities like a swimming pool or gymnasium. Inquire about such facilities, and benefit from them. Even if there is no such facility offered at the place you stay, you can run or jog, or exercise in the room itself. Even doing 45 minutes of physical activity daily is enough and it keeps us refreshed all day long. If it is your choice to select the vacation spot, choose a place that can get you to do some physical form of exercise like rock climbing or kayaking.

2. Hydrate yourself, and eat nutritious food

Let water be your favorite beverage this holiday season. Do I need to mention here why drinking water is important? It will keep you fuller for a long period of time. Moreover, it is a fact that after drinking artificially sweetened beverages you crave for more sweet. So keep a bottle of water with you always, while you are traveling. Alternatively, you can indulge in some refreshing and healthy drinks like fruit juices too. Also, always carry nuts in your bag that are both nutritious and filling.

3. Don’t let your food temptations take control of you

Traveling means you are at a new place, which also means there are new joints and new delicacies to try. Your friends coax you to try food joints at their place, and you relent. So there you are gorging on a cheese chicken pizza, with chocolate mousse cake on the other plate. I sincerely hope you don’t have to go through this. If you aim at fitness, fattening food is a strict no-no (especially if you are not working out). If you don’t find anything healthy to eat, you should compensate eating unhealthy food by working out. Eating outside eatables daily is also not good for your stomach, and can wreak havoc on your digestive system. This also gives rise to a headache and stomach ailments. Also, avoid eating desserts, and if possible share it with someone. Take a long walk, jog, or play a game, just make sure you sweat it out in some way.

4. Stay away from binge drinking

That beer belly you hate is an outcome of drinking too much. A vacation is somewhat synonymous with excessive drinking and daily hangovers. So for a healthy heart and cardiovascular health, you should stay away from excessive drinking. Doing everything in moderation, and learning to say no is the key to healthy living. Drink moderately where ever you are, at home or on a vacation.

5. Read the following tips

  • Use the stairs instead of the elevators, especially in the hotel. This is one way to keep fit and moving.
  • Don’t forget to take your gym clothes and shoes; let them travel with you always.
  • Always keep some healthy food in your bag, this will especially come in handy when you run out of healthy food choices at the airport or any other place.
  • Now comes the oft-repeated tip – eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen, and dinner like a beggar. You should stick to this fitness rule even during a vacation.
  • Keep your fitness level in check. Devices like a pedometer, glucometer, sphygmomanometer etc., can help you keep a check on your fitness.
  • Last but not the least, don’t spoil your holiday in repentance if you eat unhealthy food. Enjoy your food, eat slowly, just make sure you have done enough physical activity at the end of the day.

Traveling or vacation is meant for enjoyment, and you must enjoy it too. But like I say, fitness comes first, and you would also not like to spoil the hard work you put in the gym, before that holiday. I would like to conclude by saying, when you are on a holiday, enjoy, however, make sure you follow a healthy routine too.

How to Get the Perfect Beach Body

imagesI believe that a perfect beach body would be different for different individuals. For men, they could either be lean or bulky in physique and can look equally hot. Women can be curvaceous (like Kim Kardashian) or have a hot-lean structure (like Megan Fox) and look equally hot in a beach wear. Therefore, there is body structure that naturally fits a person and I believe that’s the structure that looks the best on a person. So, whatever your body structure is, it has to be toned and you have to stay in shape. Here’s what you need to do.

Get Determined
The first thing I want you to do is ask your self, how badly you want to have perfectly toned beach body. Yeah! I am sure, you want to have it really bad; but it’s going to take your efforts and hard work. Be determined about not giving up this time and make a plan for your self. No Pain, No Gain (seriously)!

Make a Plan Chart
Make a plan. Jolt down a structure of your workout regime, how many meals you’d eat a day and what your diet is going to be like. Follow that religiously so that you can manage your workout’s and other chores well.

Eat Small Meals
If at all you are following a hunger-diet, in which you eat just once a day or so, thinking that you will lose weight like that, then please stop. You will lose no weight like that. Instead eat about 5 small-meals a day. Schedule your meals after every 3 hours. This will increase your metabolism rate and will help you lose fats faster. Not only that but this will also give you all the essential ingredients that you would need for a healthy diet, as you’d be eating 6 different items in a day.

Follow a Healthy Diet
Eating 5 times a day is such a liberty but there are a few laws you cannot forgo. First is, eat balanced meals. I will not say leave chocolates, cocktails and cheese altogether but reduce their frequency. Treat your self with a yummy cheese pizza; but only once in a week. Eat high protein meals that will help you build muscles and replace fats. You can consult a nutritionist or a dietitian and get your diet chart. I feel it’s essential for you to know what should you really avoid eating in terms of any health issues. Follow it sacredly and, finally the most important thing; drink plenty of water. Always keep a bottle with you! Consumption of sufficient water helps in maintaining your metabolism rate, purifying blood and in improving blood circulation. Water really works like magic.

Follow a Workout Regime
Join the gym, if you already working out but you are seeing no results it’s time to get a personal trainer or simply consult a trainer and tell him you want to increase the intensity of your workout. I am sure you know that, your body gets accustomed to any form of exercise in a few months and you need to upgrade them. Otherwise you will not lose any weight, you will maintain though!

Listen to this expert advice from a Celebrity Trainer, Ramona Braganza who trains Kate Beckinsale, “Combine interval and cardio circuit training for one hour. For instance: 10 minutes of cardio: Three sets of 15 to 20 reps of three different strength exercises, like ones that work the chest, quads, and triceps. 10 minutes of cardio: Three sets of 15 to 20 reps of three different strength exercises, like ones that work the back, hamstrings and biceps.”

Maintain a balanced combination of cardio and weight-training. Gym is a must, though a few people don’t really like working out in the gym. In that case, you can opt for other forms of exercise like dancing, kick-boxing and yoga.

Don’t Aim for Skinny
This is certainly not for men! Woman, if you are naturally thin that’s a boon but if you are not, then don’t aim at getting the zero figure. Your Body Mass Index (BMI) should be 20. I dunno how cool you think being zero figured is! So to demotivate you I have Something to tell you. Men prefer women with curves. Yes that’s true! I am sure you don’t want your guy eying at some other curvaceous figure. So, if you are thinner than the minimum BMI standard, then start eating now and yes you’ll need to work out too. Even models under BMI of 18 are not allowed to walk the ramp anymore.

Keep Yourself Mentally Fit
This is important as your mind does it all. It is the most powerful organ in your body. If you don’t keep it well it will do the same to your body. You sure have heard of people who under high stress, put on weight. So keep your self happy and your mind in peace, everything else will follow.

It’s very easy to divert from your goal but keep your dream and target in mind. Call your friends and get motivation. Think of the woman/ man who you think has that ‘envious beach body’ and keep yourself motivated to achieve it. Look at Jenifer Aniston or Halle Berry in their 40s, they can make any man weak at the knees, with that shape. In order to motivate you, I am so motivated myself, that I can’t wait to hit the gym! Ciao!

Fitness Tips For Busy People Who Work

Not everybody enjoys going to the gym every day to stay in shape. In fact, most people don’t enjoy the process. You have to pay lots of membership fees, fit it into your schedule, get all sweaty and shower again before you do anything else, learn all the equipment, and defend yourself against the crowds of people who inevitably join the gym right after New Year’s to accomplish their New Year’s Resolution of getting back in shape. Luckily, if going to the gym isn’t for you, there are plenty of other things you can do to stay in shape without hitting the gym.

Get Outside

Many people say that they feel bored when they’re at the gym, doing the same thing over and over again. If you can get outside, this can help combat boredom and give you the same – or maybe better – workout than walking on the treadmill for hours. Hiking, biking, or even running and walking outside are all really good activities for people who are looking to get in shape. Doing these activities outside can not only help fight boredom, but can also be better than using machines to do the same thing. Outside, you’ll find hills and natural terrain that machines can only poorly imitate.

Move a Little More

Add a little movement to your routine during the day. Get up and walk around at regular intervals. Sit on a sit-up ball instead of a chair, forcing your muscles to work while you’re at your desk. Take the stairs instead of an escalator or elevator. Park far away from your building and walk inside. Eat lunch while you’re working and take a brisk walk around your building during your lunch break. All of these things can really add up to a lot of calories burned during the day, and none of them require a trip to the gym.

Get a Dog

Getting a dog might be one of the best ways to add exercise to your routine, but you have to be sure you’re not just opening up the door and letting it go out into the yard unsupervised. Do things with your dog, like go for runs or long walks, hang out at the dog park, or just play with some toys. All of this will bring a new level of fitness to your daily routine. When a furry friend depends on you for walks and playtime, you have a great reason to get off the couch.

Clean Up

Cleaning can actually burn a lot more calories than you think. When you’re lifting things, moving furniture, and pushing that vacuum cleaner around, you’re doing exactly the same thing you would be doing at the gym while getting your house in that spotless state you’ve always wanted it to be in. While you’re working out, try focusing on certain muscles. Tighten your core while you do everything, or focus on your back and legs as you move furniture or your arms as you’re dusting. All of these activities will really add up, and you’ll be happy with the result of a super clean house.

Alternative Workouts

If walking, running, or even cleaning aren’t for you, you can try some alternative workouts. Yoga and Pilates are both great workouts that focus on muscle tone and fat burning. They work to focus your mind, which can be great before a big day. They are also really relaxing, which can help after a particularly stressful day. By doing these alternative workouts, you can really accomplish many things with one workout.